Noise of the Night

The heart has seen a bloody lot That leads it to an emotional draught It is now, a dry and parched land That still is left with some wet sand Oh! You may sow some subtle peace Or, you might grow some lovely trees However, it's sure gonna hold up long Till it happens to [...]


A Beautiful Hallucination <3

I sat at a height, in a town among mountains far from confusion of desire, eagerness and greed. I characterize those snippet of peace, with my alter ego as she turns out in the gallery and sees her affection, contemplating the groaning sounds we made the previous evening. I notice her nearness, feel her personal [...]

Peace that can never be bought

Sometimes in life, your mistakes haunt you like those green eyed monsters which you feel behind you in the dark. You are dead scared that you can never turn around to look at them and also you cannot run because they might chase you. That's when you feel like backpacking some important things from your [...]

Life at Beach <3

Spending time at a beach, is surreal sometimes, or maybe always ? You sit, and with each wave you feel more closer to the soul, the soul which has been trapped...Every grain in the sand could be one of the incidents or stories to be recalled. And with each wave there is a new one [...]


Sometimes what you love in life may be beyond an ocean, beyond a few mountains, beyond a cliff that you can never pass. But you just have to sit, look at what you love with all that love you have in your heart and there will pass a random chill through your spine which makes [...]